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Researching Midwives and Birth Choices

MANA Safety of Homebirth Study  ~ Statistics and results from MANA Statistics Projects


~ More Info on MANA Study

About MANA Study

New Study Confirms Safety
Outcomes of Care; the MANA Statistics Project
MANA Statistics; the Full Study

Different Types of Midwives: CNM vs. CPM ~  Did you know there are differently trained midwives?
      - Faith Freeman is a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife in the State of California

Brief Comparison of CNM, CM and CPM  ~  What are the basic differences between the various types of midwives 

Evidenced Based Birth  ~ Well researched articles presenting evidence on pregnancy and birth topics

44 Questions For Your Midwife  ~ What to ask when you interview your midwife

Midwifery Today  ~ Current articles on every aspect of childbirth and midwifery care


VBAC Safety and Statistics  ~ See our VBAC page for multiple links on VBAC research and facts


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