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Fayde's Birth Story

40 weeks 5 days. Around 10:30am I was woken from my nap by some mild cramps low in my uterus. I went to the bathroom and was excited to see I lost my plug and was having my bloody show! I yelled to Tim that we would be having a baby soon! Around 3pm Sarah, my student midwife came by to check me.  I was dilated to a 3.  She massaged my cervix and said she thought baby would be coming soon.  She left and told me to give her a call when things started to really pick up.  My sister in-law Melissa came over and braided my hair. I noticed my contractions were starting to pick up.


I put music on and started rocking and quietly moaning through them. I called Sarah and had to put her on hold while another wave washed through me. I told her I thought she should head over but I was worried I hadn’t progressed and I was wasting her time. She laughed and said by the sound of things she would be on her way over. I stood in Tim’s arms letting him support my weight.

I leaned over my birth ball or crouched on the floor rocking my hips and moaning deeply through each wave. I told myself they weren’t painful they were strong. I knew with each surge my body was bringing my baby closer. I remember telling myself to relax and breathe and to not fight them.  Lyric woke up around 7:30.  His presence calmed me.

I got into the birth pool at about 8:30. The water was hot and it was so relaxing. Lyric swam in the pool with me for a little while. He gave me kisses and hugs. After a while the contractions were getting so strong I didn’t want any movement during them and was ready for Lyric to get out. Melissa took him to her house so he could get some sleep.


After that I leaned forward over the pool or leaned back into the water. I no longer rocked but still moaned loudly.  Sarah and Faith occasionally reminded me to take deep breaths and told me how amazing I was doing. I remember at one point asking if this was active labor and everyone laughing!  At 9:26pm I felt a hard pop and said “Oh that hurt that really hurt” and knew that was my water breaking.  I started to feel pressure and my body began to push on its own.

I said “I’m pushing! I mean I’m not pushing but my body is!” Sarah asked if I wanted her to check me to see if I was ready and if baby was close. Baby's head was right there! She told me to reach down and touch my baby’s head and I started crying.

He was right there - he would be here so soon! I was leaning over the side of the pool and Tim was sitting in front of me holding my hands. I looked into his eyes and started bearing down with each contraction. I felt his head in my pelvis pushing his way out. It was so painful and I didn’t know how long I could stand it. Sarah was behind me and told me to reach down and grab my baby. I pushed one final time and he was out!

I grabbed him out of the water, leaned back and pulled him onto my chest. He was beautiful and he was there and I did it! I pushed for nine minutes! He was born 9:35pm.  Tim was behind us and I kissed him so grateful for his presence through everything.

Shortly after the birth Sarah asked if I was able to stand, she needed me to move to the couch because I was bleeding a little more than they liked. I moved to the couch with their help while still holding my baby. I delivered my placenta and after it stopped pulsing Tim cut the cord. I drank some herbs while Faith and Sarah tried to slow my bleeding. It turns out I had a small piece of membrane still attached high in my uterus that didn’t want to come away. My bleeding slowed and we decided to let it detach on its own.

We moved to my bed and Fayde latched right away! After a while of nursing Faith checked and the membrane had finally detached and came out easily. We took my herbal bath and nursed again. I got cleaned up and we laid down together. It was a beautiful birth and I felt like I labored like a rock star. I couldn’t believe I had given birth without leaving the comfort of my home! My baby was here, he was perfect and I loved him so much. I knew he was the piece of the puzzle our little family was missing...

Pictures and video by Tulsa Birth Photographer

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