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Brooke's VBAC Birth Story

From the very beginning I knew I wanted a home birth for this pregnancy with my daughter. I wish I would have studied and looked into it more when I was first pregnant with my son (who’s birth ended in a cesarean after an induction).

Faith was literally godsent, and amazing my whole pregnancy. Every comment or concern, my midwife was always there.

Sadly my daughter had other plans and decided to keep on baking at 42 weeks pregnant, and we could not do the home birth I desperately wanted (even after trying everything to get her out).


So off to the hospital we went; a bit nervous and scared I would be pushed into another cesarean. But after talking to the doctor and considering all our options, we opted for a cesarean, as I still had not dilated at all, and she still hadn't dropped.

A week of inconsistent contractions, and three days of consistent contractions, just to get another cesarean. I felt like my body had failed me again.

Until I held her.
And my God, it felt like the little family my husband and I made was complete.

I would do both my cesareans over again if I had to for my kiddos.

I was so happy my midwives still kept up with my postpartum meetings, and making sure we were okay. They were a saving grace to my sanity and never made me feel like I was doing it alone, or that how I felt was invalid.

At the end of the day, I got two healthy kiddos and a battle wound to tell the story about how they came to the world. I never once doubted anything about my birth for Georgia-Ray. I knew she would be perfect, and she is beyond that.

I really wish we could have experienced the perfect birth, but I got a perfect daughter instead and how could you ask for more!”

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