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Childbirth Classes

The Birth Co-Op

The Virtual Childbirth Workshop $350

Childbirth Classes $350

Labor Refresher Workshop $150

Kindred Space LA

Ultimate Childbirth Class $444

Childbirth Refresher Course $250

The Soulful Birth

HypnoBirthing Classes $385

For Breastfeeding classes, click here

For Parenting classes, click here

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Ayanna Murray-Mazwi

Meredith Allen

Tamara Robertson

Cristy Reyes

BiLingual Spanish Speaking doula

(818) 522-4148

Brana Ninkov

Free Doula Service Providers of
Families of Color:

If you are a BIPOC,
the below organizations 

to be paired with a
Doula of Color free of charge.

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