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The Epi-No is a gentle perineal stretching device that prepares the pelvic floor muscles to easily stretch around your baby’s head during birth.

Benefits Include

  • Conditioning pelvic floor muscles to stretch easily with delivery

  • Quicker pelvic floor recovery postpartum

  • Shortened 2nd stage (pushing stage) of labor

  • Preparing mother for sensations of birth

  • Promoting greater relaxation of muscles during birth

  • Greatly reducing trauma to pelvic floor muscles (less tearing)

  • With the Delphine Plus model, the gauge provides progress feedback when using for kegels both prenatally and postpartum

The Epi-No was developed in Germany and is backed by studies showing it’s amazing benefits. It is not approved by the FDA, so is not easily available for purchase in the U.S.

The Epi-No is used during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy – clients insert the small balloon and slowly inflate until feeling a gentle stretch. Then using a hand to hold the balloon in place, focus on completely relaxing muscles. Maintain for 10 minutes before allowing balloon to gently slide out. Measure balloon by laying against included measuring card to note progress. Daily incremental progress is noted, with occasional plateaus being normal.

Clients are also encouraged to kegel with deflated balloon inserted. This gentle resistance allows for ease of locating pelvic floor muscles (encouraging effective kegeling); greater pelvic floor strength to be acquired, and with the Delphine Plus model (gauge included), clients can note strength progress on gauge.

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Includes: balloon (1), hand pump (2), pressure-release valve (4), connecting tube (5)

Includes: balloon (1), hand pump (2), gauge (3), pressure-release valve (4), connecting tube (5)


“I am SO glad I used the Epi-No! It helped me to be prepared for the sensation of my baby’s head being born. When I started to feel that huge stretch I didn’t freak out because I recognized the sensation from the Epi-No exercising and was able to completely relax and realize my baby was almost here!”

“I can’t believe I had my baby with no tears! I know it was the Epi-No that helped so much because when I started to use it, my muscles wouldn’t stretch at all and it took me a lot of days to make progress. But since it gave me several weeks to gently get my muscles conditioned, they were totally ready to stretch when my baby was being born. I know I would have torn if I hadn’t used the Epi-No!”

“Both my friend and I had our first babies this month. She had a huge episiotomy that extended into a tear and had to have several stitches. I had used the Epi-No and only ended up with a small tear that didn’t need any stitches and was completely gone in a week. And my baby was over a whole pound bigger than hers! I am SO glad I heard about the Epi-No!”

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