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MEET CINNAMON ~ Midwife Apprentice in Residency
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My beliefs follow the idea that women are our first environment and as such we have the intuitive knowledge and love to nourish this process of pregnancy birth and healing as we feel fit. 

My role in the birth world  began years ago as a doula.  I observed my mother as a lactation educator and doula.  Being involved in the birth world has always been second nature and fascinating for me. 

I knew it was an ultimate life path when I stood as the “doula” at age 13 for my younger brothers home birth. Assisting in setting up a tranquil environment by lighting the candles, setting the music to a mellow tone, and closely watching my mother's facial expressions and body movements felt intuitive to me. 


I consoled and observed my father massage the back of my mom through every wave of contraction.  Ooo’s and awe’s soothed the room as my brothers head emerged into the water and my mother's groans filled the air with excitement.  In that moment I knew that this was my purpose.

Later I pursued volunteer work at the UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital in postpartum and L&D.  Soon after, I became doula certified through Bini Birth and began pro bono work with the “Joy in Birthing Foundation”.  I worked with foster youth and shelter women through JIBF.  This opened my eyes to the disparities that are present in Los Angeles. 

While at JIBF I witnessed a racing need for Doulas of Color in Communities of Color and made it my goal to influence the chances of  a healthy natural birth.  As a doula, I mainly assisted in hospital births - but my approach to natural childbirth didn’t sit well with hospital philosophies.  It became very difficult to watch my clients experience a myriad of unnecessary interventions during labor, birth and postpartum.  Even more so, Midwives of Color were close to non-existent, and this obvious need led me to attend Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery. 

Since my start at Nizhoni and in my apprenticeship, I have witnessed and assisted a variety of births.  I hope that during this journey I get to know and support each family as best as I can!

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