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MEET LYDIA ~ Student Midwife Apprentice

I was born in Nepal, the 5th of 7 kids, and raised in Tulsa by a missionary father and Bradley childbirth method educator/doula mother.

I was homeschooled through 8th grade and attended Augustine Christian Academy through high school, with a 10-month stint taking correspondence classes and doing

literacy work with my parents in Dehradun, India my junior year.

After spending a year at Tulsa Community College I decided to pursue my love for travel and ministry for a while and returned to India and Nepal for 6 months where I did ministry with a local church and taught at an international school.

In doing that ministry I realized my passion for working with and empowering women and their families, particularly those who are marginalized.

Some time after I returned to Tulsa, I picked up a copy of Baby Catcher by midwife Peggy Vincent and was immediately smitten.  That, paired with my early knowledge via my mom's occupation of how normal, beautiful and empowering the childbirth experience can be, set me on the path to pursuing midwifery training.

I am currently doing my coursework through the Association of Texas Midwives Training Program, and am excited and humbled by the opportunity to learn my clinical and practical skills through apprenticeship.

I look forward to being able to journey with you, assisting and supporting your delivery in any way you feel comfortable.  Thank you for this opportunity!

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