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Monitrice Care ~ support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period ~


~ A Monitrice's specialty of care is being able to monitor mother's vitals and cervical progress, as well as fetal heart tones and well-being during labor.


This allows for a safe space for labor to progress as far as desired at home before moving to hospital for birth with provider.

After arriving to hospital, your Monitrice moves into a Doula role including emotional, mental and physical support, with the hospital staff taking over the clinical aspects of care.

Postpartum care and support is also included in your care.

- Prenatal -

2  Two-hour prenatal sessions 
      Including opportunities for:
         ~ client questions
         ~ birth option counseling
         ~ birth prep education

         ~ nutrition and exercise tips

         ~ options, advice, resources


Detailed client handbook

24-Hour On-Call access to Monitrice (Text/Call)

Emotional support


Childbirth classes included


Gentle, understanding, confidential care
at all times

- Labor and Birth -



Gentle presence, care and support


Supporting partner as coach




Position suggestions


Water birth pool

Birth stool


Emotional and physical support


Monitoring contraction pattern

Monitoring your vitals and well-being


Monitoring baby’s heart rate and position

Monitoring cervical change and progress

Helping you know when it's safely time to move to hospital for delivery

- Postpartum -


1  Three-hour postpartum support session
       Including whichever is needed most:
         ~ breastfeeding support
         ~ emotional processing
         ~ holding baby
         ~ tidying
         ~ cooking

         ~ occupying other children

Soothing herbal bath if desired

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