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Midwife  ~  Complete prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum care Empowering Experience with an involved, skilled Provider who tailors care to your needs, your body and your preferences, monitoring the health and well-being of you and your baby physically, mentally and emotionally.

- Prenatal -

Hour-long prenatal visits including opportunities for client questions, counseling and education by midwife and clinical assessment


24-Hour On-Call access to midwife (Text/Call, After-Hr appointments)


Detailed client handbook


Diet and supplement counseling


Exercise program


Lab work done in office


Monitoring of your vitals


Monitoring of baby’s heart rate, growth pattern and position


Emotional support


Options, advise and resources


Childbirth classes included


Home visit at about 35 weeks


Perineal preparation guidance

Gentle, understanding, confidential care at all times

- Labor and Birth -



Gentle presence, care and support


Supporting partner as coach




Position suggestions


Water birth pool

Birth stool


Emotional and physical support


Monitoring contraction pattern


Monitoring baby’s heart rate and position


Skilled handling of the birth to prevent tears and unnecessary trauma or pain


Either parent helping to catch baby


Newborn exam, weight and measure


Breastfeeding assistance


Soothing herb bath for you and baby


Quiet and unobtrusive monitoring in the hours immediately following birth


Promoting family bonding


Emergency medical equipment and care present and available if needed including newborn suction, resuscitation equipment for you and baby, medications for hemorrhage, and IV fluids

- Postpartum -


Home visit at 2 days postpartum

Office postpartum visits up to 6 wks postpartum

Paperwork for filing birth certificate


Physical and emotional support


Breast feeding support and counseling


Return to fertility awareness


Exercise counseling


PAP and Well-Person care options

- Emergency Care -

Your midwife and assistants are trained in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation and are prepared for emergency situations.

At any point during care – whether prenatally, during labor and birth, or postpartum, if circumstances arise requiring medical attention, you will be given options and support to facilitate medical consultation or transfer of care, depending on which is needed.

In the event that care must be transferred, your midwife will accompany you, facilitate transfer of care, and be available for counsel, support and as a comforting presence. Postpartum follow up care is still completed with midwife.

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